A niche, branded food products company struggled with stagnant revenues and declining margins. The company had has a sole-source arrangement with an ingredients supplier. The manufacturer's attention to product quality and customer service had slipped while production and storage costs increased.


Cambium Strategy analyzed the client’s historical purchasing and sales data and mapped product flows across the company's national supply chain to identify opportunities to reduce order-to-delivery lead times, inventory carrying costs and transportation costs. Cambium Strategy bid the business and negotiated a new supplier and distribution arrangement for the client.


Our client achieved more consistent product quality, lower landed costs, and shorter order-to-delivery lead times. In turn, they provided their customers with fresher product that was also more cost competitive.


“According to the [Mennonite] bishop... child rearing begins not at birth, or at conception, but one hundred years before a child is born, ‘because that’s when you start building the environment they’re going to live in.’”

— Dan Barber, The Third Plate