One of the pioneer organic produce farmers in the Rogue Valley of Oregon dreamed of creating a food hub that would provide wash, pack and storage services, a commercial kitchen to create value-added products and retails services on behalf of organic produce farmers in the region.


Cambium Strategy® worked with the client on validating the financial assumptions, cost engineering the facility design, editing the business plan, creating a facility development timeline developing the capital stack for the project.


The Fry Family Farm food hub opened in August 2016. Construction of the facility was funded in part by a $390,000 Regional Solutions grant provided by the State of Oregon.

Fry Family Farm Store.png


“Businesses that execute [do so] ... with rigor, intensity and depth. Which people will do the job, and how will they be judged and held accountable? What human, technical, production and financial resources are needed to execute the strategy? Will the organization have the ones it needs two years out, when the strategy goes to the next level? Does the strategy deliver earnings required for success? Can it be broken down into doable initiatives? People engaged in the processes argue these questions, search out reality, and reach specific and practical conclusions.”

— Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan, Execution